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The 20th Century Railroad Club / Argo Crossing, Summit, Illinois Hot Spot

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All pictures displayed are video captures from actual program footage unless noted.

Program 124
The 20th Century Railroad Club / Argo Crossing, Summit, Illinois Hot Spot

All aboard the 20th Century Railroad Club! Located in Chicago, Illinois, the 20th Century Railroad Club offers unique volunteer activities for rail enthusiasts, as well as unique travel opportunities for families, singles and groups. Each year, the Club schedules ten to twenty trips "for members only," including one day excursions on commuter and Amtrak trains, two or three day weekend adventures via Amtrak, and elaborate five to ten day Vacations with the Century. Taped throughout the spring, summer, and fall of 1998.

Illinois Central's ex-Gulf, Mobile, & Ohio Chicago-Joliet mainline intersects the Indiana Harbor Belt's Chicagoland thoroughfare at Argo Crossing, located in Summit, Illinois. At Argo, you're likely to see trains from Amtrak, Metra, and many different freight railroads. Taped during the summer 1999.

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One of the 20th Century Railroad Club's favorite trips is to New Carlisle, Indiana for lunch at the Home Café, aboard America's Last Interurban railroad, the Chicago, South Shore & South Bend.

All aboard at Hudson Lake. After a filling lunch, Dave joins the other members of the 20th Century Railroad Club for the return trip to Chicago.

The Club also ran an excursion from Chicago to the Illinois Railway Museum at Union, Illinois.

Here, the special train, using Metra equipment, pulls out of the station for the return trip home. The F40PH pushed the train all the way back to Chicago.

The club's illuminated emblem adorned the open-end observation car of the popular Galena Limited

Dawn breaks over Union Station, as preparations for the Galena Limited departure..

The lucky few on the rear platform had this view of the Chicago skyline on the way out of town.

On to Argo, where the mailine of the Indiana Harbor Belt crosses Illinois Central's ex-Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio line to Joliet & St. Louis.

The first train of the day at Argo consisted of Indiana Harbor Belt SD9 rebuild #2921 and two container cars. See Program 125 for more images of the 2921 at the IHB shops in Hammond, Indiana.

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