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All pictures displayed are video captures from actual program footage unless noted.

Program 119
Franklin Park Railroad Daze / Soo Line 1003

With the cooperation of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, this growing event features displays from a number of railroads, including the Belt Railway of Chicago, Amtrak, Metra, and the Wisconsin Central. Operation Lifesaver will also have a display. At high noon, Metra dedicated an F40PH named after the City of Franklin Park.

Taped in May, 1998.

The second half of this program consists of footage Dave Reed shot in Duluth, Minnesota of restored Soo Line steam locomotive 1003 on its initial shakedown excursions.

Taped in November, 1997.

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Main Street in downtown Franklin Park. Straight ahead is the Metra F40PH-2M being named after the Village.

Canadian Pacific may have closed one main, but the other one was quite active. Here an eastbound slowly moves through.

Metra still had a pair of F7's on hand for special trains and emergencies.

After christening the locomotive with a bottle of champagne, the Mayor of Franklin Park does the unveiling honors.

Dave talks with the Director of Media Relations for Metra,
Frank Malone.

Then recently restored Soo Line 1003 returns to Duluth, Minnesota after a successful shakedown excursion.

The 1003 stands at "The Depot" in Duluth, waiting to be uncoupled from the train.

Done for the day, the 1003 is rolled away for the night.

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