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"The Last Of Steam Power" And Other Films By Pete Urban

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All pictures displayed are video captures from actual program footage unless noted.

Program 113
"The Last Of Steam Power" And Other Films By Pete Urban

A fascinating look at railroading at the end of the 1950's and early 1960's as seen through the 16mm camera of Peter Urban. We visit with Pete, look at some of his early movies, and hear the stories behind them. Some examples include early steam fan trips on the C,B,&Q, Big Boys on the Union Pacific, and the locomotive shops on the Nickel Plate Railroad. Not only are these locomotives and trains filmed on the outside, but from the cab as well. Also included are views of the American Freedom Train, and live steam locomotives in Canada and Mexico.

Pete is an access producer for Northbrook Community Television in Northbrook, Illinois. In addition to his early filmworks, he has produced and assisted in a number of programs for NCTV.

The images shown here were taken from Pete's 16mm film that Pete transferred to video.

Interview recorded in September 1997.

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Trackside host Dave Reed with cinematographer Pete Urban at his Northbrook studio.

A gas-turbine on the Union Pacific at Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Tucked in behind the gas-turbine was Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 #3998. Today, sister locomotive #3985 remains in service on the railroad.

Even the General's visit to Chicago and was captured by the 16mm film camera of Pete Urban. Here the locomotive is about to negotiate 21st junction.

Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy's railfan excursions out of Chicago in the early 1960's were quite popular and fondly remembered today.

Locomotive #4960 is a 2-8-2 that was used by the "Q" for excursion service. Today it works for the Grand Canyon Railway.

The other steam engine used for excursions was 4-8-4 #5632, pictured here just north of Savanna, Illinois cruising alongside the Mississippi River past Mississippi Palisades State Park.

Yes, this is the throat to Northwestern Station in Chicago and yes that is a very non-American type of train moving through it. The Flying Dutchman leaves Chicago on its tour of America.

The American Freedom Train, headed up by ex-Southern Pacific 4-8-4 #4449. The 4449 took over Freedom Train duties at Chicago and pulled the train all over the Western states.

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