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The Snowflake Special / The Midcontinent Railway Museum

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All pictures displayed are video captures from actual program footage unless noted.

Program 112
The Snowflake Special / The MidContinent Railway Museum

When the Chicago Transit Authority moved ahead with plans to retire the last of their PCC type elevated railroad cars, the Illinois Railway Museum operated a charter train to mark the event. This "Snowflake Special" consisted of seven PCC cars and toured over most of the elevated system. Host Dave Reed visits with some of the members the "L" system, the cars, and the special train.

Videotaped in April 1997.

The MidContinent Railway Museum is located at Baraboo, Wisconsin and operates tourist trains with a variety of antique railroad equipment. Dave Reed videotaped this segment when he visited it in April of 1997.

Additional footage of MidContinent's famous "Snow Train" event is also included, having been contributed by Pete Urban of Northbrook, Illinois.

Link To MidContinent Railway Museum

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Dave is about to jump on board before we pull out of the station. The "PCC" cars were actually built in the late 1950's using parts from retired "Green Hornet" PCC streetcars.

Ready to go. The Snowflake Special waits at the Washington / Wells stop in downtown Chicago.

The view out of the front window as the train rolled north through Chicago.

At the Chicago Transit Authority's Howard Street facility, the special train looked like this as it came off the Skokie Swift line.

The excursion train heads out of the station at North Freedom.

Although known as the home of Chicago & Northwestern 4-6-0 #1385, the Museum also uses diesels. Here an Alco switcher couples onto the excursion train.

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