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All pictures displayed are video captures from actual program footage unless noted.

Program 105
Three Passenger Stations In London / Sweden & The X-2000 /
Porter, Indiana Hot Spot

Travel by train in European countries is a more common way to get around than in the United States. In London, England, there are several very busy passenger train terminals that serve both the commuter and the long distance traveler. This program stops at three of them: Liverpool, Victoria, and Waterloo. Waterloo Station even serves as the terminus for Eurostar, which operates its trains under the English Channel tunnel. Videotaped in February, 1996.

The country of Sweden created high speed passenger trains without having to extensively rebuild their existing railway system. This was accomplished by developing the X-2000, a high speed, electric powered passenger train. This program also includes an X-2000 promotional video provide courtesy of SJ, Swedish State Railways. Conventional passenger trains still exists too and we visit with Sophia Molburg about her travels by train in Sweden.

The Hot Spot segment for this program is a junction point in Porter, Indiana. Heavy rail traffic over Conrail out of Chicago provide a lot of the activity. This is also where Amtrak's high speed line into Michigan converges. A CSX line also joins Conrail here. Videotaped in February, 1996.

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We begin at Liverpool station. This view is looking into the main station. Some scenes in the movie Mission Impossible were film here at Liverpool station.

Trains entering and leaving Liverpool pass underneath an office building before emerging below street level, much like Chicago Union Station. The electric powered trains draw their juice from overhead wire.

Victoria Station is our next stop. Like all of the stations we stopped at, Victoria was big and busy. Trains here use a third rail for electrical pickup.

The tracks out of Waterloo are elevated, but we were lucky enough to gain access to a nearby apartment building overlooking the right-of-way. Here three southbound trains leave the station at the same time.

London-Paris-Brussels Eurostar trains arrive and depart from Waterloo. These trains are eighteen cars long and easily distinguishable from other trains.

A high-speed Swedish X-2000, equipped with a tilting mechanism that allows the train to negotiate curves faster, on its home rails in Sweden.

Situated just below Lake Michigan, Porter, Indiana routinely gets dumped on by lake effect snows. One such snowstorm had just ended when we arrived.

Other carriers use the Conrail line as well. Here a Union Pacific train, led by ex-CNW SD50 #7016 hustles east.

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