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 Layouts with Tomix

Layouts with Tomix Track

Here is just a small sampling of a variety of layouts built using Tomix Fine Track. - R. D. Kerr

Tomix Micro-Layout by R. Bell
16 by 48 inch (about 400 x 1200 mm) trolley layout using Tomix Mini-Curved and Mini-Points track. Click on image to open or download a one-page PDF file.


Here is a Youtube video showing this layout in action:

Tomix Micro-Layout by Nick Kibre
Nick has a smaller micro layout, on a 12 by 24 inch (about 300 x 600 mm) plywood board from a craft shop, with framing and tray handles on the sides to carry it around. Click on the photo to see the "Micro Layout" entries in his "NKNCat" blog.

Micro-Layout designs by Jes
In the Netherlands, Jes has a Tomix micro-layout built on a 300 by 400 mm (about 12 x 16 inch) photo frame from IKEA. He also presents other Tomix-based layout designs, all fitting IKEA frames, on his "ntramblog" (click the photo below). He does some interesting mixing of curve sizes (referenced in his drawings by Tomix package number, not the actual track piece designation).

Tomix Micro-Layout
This design of layout has been shown in Tomix catalogs over the years. It is designed to fit on a 900 by 600 mm (about 36 x 24 inch) layout board, which was also sold by Tomix for the convenience of the modeler. Note the use of two S158.5 straight pieces to compensate for the quarter-circle of smaller C243-45 curved pieces.


Tomix Track Plans on Bill Robb's Blog
Bill's informative blog on Japanese trains and modeling presented a number of Tomix track plans and also linked through to others, often on Japanese blogs or webpages. Bill uses the "AnyRail" layout drawing software, which shows the Tomix package numbers instead of the actual track piece size designations.

This plan uses S158.5 straights on the inner loop ends to add extra space between parallel tracks.
Bill's long narrow track plan with lots of yard space to display trains.
A Japanese larger layout plan with yard and shinkansen tracks.

Tomix in T-Trak by Joe Price
"West Texas Joe" has been working up T-Trak module designs that take advantage of Tomix track. One incorporates a trolley loop passing under the T-Trak mainlines, which are supported on Tomix viaduct with stores underneath. Another industrial module switches from Kato to Tomix track for the sidings.

image image

3-Block Trolley Layout by Rich K.
This three block city layout with track in the paved streets lets two cars run at one time without conflicts. One option is to use the Tomix 5563 TCS Automatic Operation Unit in a novel way, to make the car on the inner part of the layout alternate between two routes automatically. Another operating option (not needing the 5563) lets one car cover both the inner and outer trackage, making four different loops before repeating. Click on the image to open or download a one-page explanatory PDF file.

Note: In the referenced blogs, be sure to follow links to other entries which show additional progress and views. Then return here when you are done exploring.

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