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The Toenail Ridge Shortline

A Garden Railway in 1:20.3 scale

Updated April 26th, 2014

URL first established Dec 1996

The Ridge is located in Darlington,South Australia and represents a NE Oregon shortline in the late 1920s.

The original garden railway was built in Belair, SA and was operational from June, 1996 until 2009

The current location is in the small front yard of our lovely courtyard home in Darlington, a southern suburb of Adelaide

The current Ridge is tiny compared to the original and is just an oval of hand-laid track in an area of about 3 X 5 metres or 10 X 15 feet

The beauty of this current site is that it is elevated at one end to save my poor old bones from being down to ground level!

Click on the links below to visit the Ridge:

The Model T index                                                                                           All 8 model TT trucks
A tool car/caboose                                                              with full interior and working brake gear
A tram-car                                                                                                 for the Ridge management
Battery-powering                                           an Annie (Bachmann Anniversary model 10-wheeler)
Modifications                                                                                                          to an Annie tender
Construction                                                     of the Ridge (includes how-to for hand-laying track)
Scratchbuilt                                                                                                     structures on the Ridge
Selbyville depot                                      passenger station based on a Finescale Railroader article
Loco modifications                                          cruel and unusual things to do to a Bachmann Porter
The Model T                                               truck project, scratchbuilt from Garden Railways plans
Major Porter                                                           rebuild....a new steel cab for a Bachmann Porter
How-to articles                                                 lots of info for scratch-builders and do-it-yourselfers
Class 'A' Climax                                     a scratch-built logging loco based on an MDC power truck
Slim & Stumpy                                                      from New Jersey's Lazy Acre RR visit the Ridge
Plantings                                                                                                                            on the Ridge
Trackplan                                                                                              of the Toenail Ridge Shortline
Meet us!                                                    Includes a link to  my clever Kathy's Genealogy website

And of course the most important part....

The Saga of the Toenail Ridge Shortline

You might recognize some of the characters who call the Valley home!

Visit some of my favourite  here.

Feel free to e-mail me

The Toenail Ridge logo gif was made for me by Rick Drescher of Tacoma, Wa.

Thanks Rick!


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