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Bootlegger Crossing

Bootlegger Crossing

Railroad: Norfolk Southern
Division: Georgia Division
Milepost: 227.1A
Nearest Station: Ooltewah

Bootlegger's Crossing isn't actually at Ooltewah - it's just across the bridge over Little Debbie Parkway, but you can see it from here (which is just as well because the road to Ooltewah proper is gated). Plus, at Bootlegger's Crossing you can see the signals for outbound trains from Debutts Yard.

Norfolk Southern maintains a defect detector at milepost 18.1 on the "H" line (which goes down to Atlanta) which will give "early warning" of approaching trains coming up from Atlanta. There is also a defect detector near Summit, milepost 230.3A on the double-track which will give several minutes' warning.

Finally, #1 Track is on the south side and #2 Track is on the north side of the grade crossing.

It's worth mentioning that there always seems to be a bunch of stray dogs around here. Consider yourself warned.

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Driving Directions: Take Interstate 75 to Exit #11, Lee Highway. If exiting from Northbound I-75, turn right; if exiting from Southbound I-75 turn left. At the intersection with Little Debbie Parkway (there will be an Arby's and a Burger King here), turn right, then turn right again onto Old Lee Highway. After the road comes back around to parallel the interstate, turn left onto Ooltewah Cemetery Road (if you go through a close clearance underpass, you've gone too far), and then turn right at the paved road across from the cemetery to access the tracks.

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