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THE NATIONAL TIMETABLE AT TRAINWEB THRUWAY BUS SERVICES DIVISION HAS BEEN MOVED INTO A NEW SITE. This change makes room for new train service schedules and the re-introduction of Cal-Train service to the Trainweb Server. The Motorcoach Division Schedules Index will be grouped into Amtrak, Non-Amtrak Shuttles, and Commuter Express Buses.

In California, three types of bus service exist: Dedicated service, which is service that is specifically designed to provide connections to or from a train. Mixed Mode buses are similar to code-shared airplane services, in that both Amtrak and the hosting carrier share the cost of the trips and the revenues generated by the passengers. Inter-line service consist of most buses with 7,000 or 8,000 series schedule numbers. Neither Amtrak nor any state subsidize most of the interlined services outside of passenger revenues. While these services are designed to be used in conjunction with Amtrak Trains, passengers may use the buses if connecting to other means of rail transportation such as Metro Rail, Metrolink, Cal-Train, Coaster, Ace, San Diego Trolley, or BART. On some routes, bus-only tickets are allowed to be purchased because Amtrak and the providing service carrier have charter agreements that permit these exceptions to the normal constraints of the Perratta Bill (SB804A).

A fourth type of bus service, operated only during special construction schedules is known as Open Door Feeders. These schedules are paid by third-party vendors that are subsidizing the construction project for which the bus bridge is being used and, therefore, a ticket for a connecting train in conjunction with these "special service feeders" is not required, since construction schedules and service disruptions are the exceptions to the Perratta Bill Rules.

Non-Amtrak related buses are grouped into two categories: Shuttles are buses associated with connecting commuter trains such as ACE, Metrolink, or the Coaster. Commuter Express Buses are special buses that operate during peak hours. Most of these type of buses are operated with mini-buses or highway coaches, but some may be operated with conventional transit coaches.