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Boston & Maine Railroad

Welcome aboard my website about the Boston & Maine Railroad. My main focus will be on the south-eastern New Hampshire lines. Most areas of the railroad in this state are now defunct, although some stretches are still used today by Amtrak (passenger), New England Southern Railroad (freight), and/or Pan Am Railways (freight). My goal is to take a "snapshot" of what the railroad looks like at this point in history. Many things like original bridges and old tracks are disappearing quicker than one might think, along with stations being torn down or modified for personal use. I want to help make sure that nothing about this great railroad is forgotten.

I am planning on covering a total of eight Boston & Maine Railroad divisions and branches. This will probably take me quite some time, therefore I will not be adding any new lines to my website until I complete the ones currently listed here. Eventually I hope to expand my coverage into Maine and Massachusetts, but that probably will not happen for a while. One thing to keep in mind is that division and branch names can change over time (and some of the ones I am covering have), so to keep everything consistent I am calling the lines by their 1908 names. Click on one of the links in the navigation pane to start touring the remnants of the Boston & Maine Railroad!