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The New Mexico Rail Runner began service in 2006, connecting Belen, Albuquerque and Bernalillo. In 2008 it went on to Santa Fe. For details on its services, which will soon include an express between Albuquerque and Santa Fe go to the Rail Runner website.

I first photographed the train in 2007, seen here entering the Bernalillo station, conveniently located near I25.




From Bernalillo the train wanders through the countryside coming out along the median of I25 not far from Santa Fe. The train depicted below was photographed in 2012 heading away from Santa Fe.


Rail Runner shares the old Santa Fe station in the Railyard section of Santa Fe with the Santa Fe Southern, a short excursion line that heads down in the direction of Lamy.




The photos below, taken in 2007, hint at the construction which has made the Railyard area a tourist hub, what with a new brew pub, cafes and lots of (pay) parking.


 Below are photos taken in April 2012.             




Drive around beautiful Santa Fe and you can find other examples of the city's railway heritage.







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