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Canada22 The first four photos below are of the Canadian, now under VIA, at Banff in 1983.  They are accompanied by  a shot of the CP's train, taken in  1966. A close look at the  VIA one would reveal a  lot of wear and  tear. Happily, that has been rectified and today the Canadian is one of the world's great trains once again, restored to its former glory when it was finally realized that new equipment purchases would not be possible.



 Look carefully at the photo below and you can see a real collection of old heavyweight and streamlined equipment on the Super Continental, photographed from my campground at Lake Louise in 1966.


Below is the Panorama, photographed in the Frazier River Canyon in 1966. The Panorama was the only train to provide riders with a ride all the way through the Rockies in daylight.


We end with a menu cover and what was once a very familiar sight in Canada. Check back because we'll be adding photos to our Canadian pages.

Click here to see a typical CN menu from the mid-1970s.