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Embsay & Bolton Steam Railway

We visited this railway and rode its train on a beautiful May day in 2005. Located near Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales, it is a lovingly restored little line that can be explored inexpensively and easily in a few hours.

We begin with a photo taken of the train, which was a mile away, from the farm on which I was staying. It doesn't get more bucolic than this.


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Bolton1.jpg Bolton10.jpg Bolton11.jpg Bolton12.jpg Bolton13.jpg Bolton14.jpg
Bolton15.jpg Bolton16.jpg Bolton17.jpg Bolton18.jpg Bolton19.jpg Bolton2.jpg
Bolton20.jpg Bolton21.jpg Bolton22.jpg Bolton23.jpg Bolton24.jpg Bolton25.jpg
Bolton26.jpg Bolton27.jpg Bolton28.jpg Bolton29.jpg Bolton3.jpg Bolton30.jpg
Bolton31.jpg Bolton32.jpg Bolton4.jpg Bolton5.jpg Bolton6.jpg Bolton7.jpg
Bolton8.jpg Bolton9.jpg

To visit the railway's website just click here.

For photographers, all images on this page were taken with an Olympus 5060 digital camera outfitted with wide-angle and telephoto converters.  Post-processing was done with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0. I welcome questions and comments about the images.