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STR (New 1970)

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This is the Head Office of the STR. It was modelled from a photograph of the B&W Brockville station on the right.


The engine house in Stump-Gulch is the main shops. The Stump-Gulch Main Street is in the background and Sorrow Stn is below. Iron Pot Mine is in the distance up in the hills.


This Athens Station was in the 1950s as modelled from photo on the right.


This is the original Athens Station which burned in the 1920's.


At Athens Station STR#4 is on the siding switching a wayfrt. The wayfrt services the Team Track spot, Sips Milk, Crooked Cabinets, and Zul Fur Hic Acids. The Buell's Creek Rwy train (3ft NG) (Hon3)is at the Station. Notice the dual gauge track on the main.


The industries on the Athens spur are the Zul Fur Hic Acids, Crooked Cabinets, and Sips Milk. The Buell's Creek narrow gauge runs behind these industries.


The industries on the Torent industrial spur are the Boomer Warehouse, and the Slotter Haus Meats. The station at Torent on the left is modelled after the Lyndhurst Junction Station on the right.


The Sorrow Station is modelled from the photo of the B&W Delta Station on the right. The wayfrt is in the hole for a meet.


STR#12 headends a doubleheaded wayfrt eastbound to Westport, engines running backwards. Westport station is modelled from Westport stn photo on the right.


The Brockville spotted at the Marysville Stn is the Prez's private car. This is the only steel passenger car on the STR.The Marysville Stn is also modelled after B&W Westport Stn.


The Marysville terminal facility is getting ready for another busy day.


Marysville is busy turning engines and reassigning them. The Pacific on the left is ready for the next passenger train. The Mogul B&W#3 is ready for a doublehead on the B&W through frt. Switcher STR#14 is being quickly serviced to return to duty.


Marysville has coal available as well as at the service shack across the track are lubricants, sand and fuel oil.


The ready track in Marysville has STR#11 doubled up with STR#6 ready for the next B&W through frt.


Rock Junction Stn is the center of the branchline transfers. The upper level bridge/trestles is the line to Iron Pot mine which originates at Rock Jtn. There is through frt pickups on the 2nd track and a box car on the team track past the station.


Iron Pot Mine is the end of the upper branchline. The IPM tipples #1 & #2 receive ore cars, the team trk has a box car on it.


The branchline crew is busy switching the mine tipples at IPM Stn.


The IPM crew are leaving , this time with only the combine which provides mixed service.


Branchline train leaving IPM with doubleheaded 3 truck shays STR #18 & #20 (Model diecast kit)


At the Sandy valley Stn you can see the mainline up on the stone arch bridge, just at the west end of Torent. The upper trestle work is the mainline entering Marysville.


The Sandy Valley branchline run is departing Rock Junction Yd, passing Soperton cattle pen.