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STR (Original 1960)

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STR Railroad Stage I 1960 - 2' x 7' Original STR Portable Layout - Code 100 Flex track (fibre ties) - 9" Radius Curves - 5 Twin TT Signaled Blocks 3 colour - 2 Throttles


Stump-Gulch yard with STR #1 at the engine house. The back of Stump-Gulch station is on the left.


Stump-Gulch early morning sun rise and an early breakfast in the Central Hotel.


Stump Gulch Yard - This original layout was restricted to 0-4-0 Locomotives.


Torent Stn - IPM Sorting Plant#1 - Wayfrt Switching



STR Railroad Stage II 1966 - Added 2 extensions 10' long - Code 70 Handlaid track - 18" radius Curves - stub switches.



Rock Jct Meet - second siding added to enable Up and Down Bound Trains to meet."


Stump-Gulch - Rock Jct - Iron Pot Mine - Sorrow Stn.


Sorrow Station.


Board Bros Sawmill - Suthers Falls - Sorrow.


Sorrow Station Meet Through Train and Wayfreight.


Marysville Station with switcher in front and box cars on house track.


Marysville Yard with the switcher #7 waiting on second track for train arrivals. The Sandy Valley branchline train is on the house track at the left of the station waiting to leave.


Marysville passenger train has arrived. STR#7 is preparing to pull the combine back off the STR#1 locomotive at the station. The Sandy Valley wayfreight, STR#8, has just returned on the house track.


Marysville at Homut's Hotel with a passenger train on the high level line.


Marysville with Sandy Valley wayfreight departing. M. Stryk's Blacksmith and Livery is on the near left. The Homut's Hotel is across the street.


Marysville Hi Line Trestle and Bridges Scenic Affects.


High line with passenger train on it, over the valley, outside Marysville.


Marysville- Hanks Tanks - Boomer Warehouse behind.


Sandy Valley Stn Wayfreight Arrival.


Sandy Valley - Board Bros Logging .


Sandy Valley IPM Tipple#2 under Bridge.