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B&W trip


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B&W Trip - Dad and I

August 21,1952

My Dad and I used to walk the old roadbed of the B&W that was abandon ealier when the CNR took over the B&W. As a Scout I camped on my 14 mile hike and other occaisions in the area of the old Rock Cut where the B&W Line used to run through Northwest of Brockville. It was a large cut through sold granite.

August 21, 1952 we took a trip on the B&W near it,s demise.




AUGUST 21,1952

====335==== ==========MILES========== STATION ====340====
8:30 0.0 Brockville 4:15
8:50 5.2 Lyn 3:55
9:15 12.9 Forthton 3:35
9:50 17.6 Athens 3:20
--- 24.0 Soperton ---
10:35 26.4 Lyndhurst 2:55
10:50 28.1 Delta 2:35
11:05 33.1 Phillipsville 2:20
11:30 35.1 Forfar 2:10
11:40 36.7 Crosby 2:00
11:50 40.0 Newboro 1:50
12:05 44.5 Westport 1:40

Our trip took all day. We got to ride in CNR Mogul #86 from Lyndhurst to Forfar.

It was a warm day but boy was the heat from the fire box tremendous.

We got to know the crew as we visited with them.

Our Conductor was Cliff Moore, Engineer was Dan Moran, and Fireman was Harry Hutt.

It was an eperiance of a life time that you do not ever forget.

Thank you to our Crew.

STR Railroad

Bill Ackland MMR Prez