S-Trax Closed-Frog SWITCHES (3rd-Party-Built)

Mark Mogil of the BSSS (Black Sheep S-Scalers, Gibbstown New Jersey Area) emailed me some photos of a closed-frog switch made from S-Helper S-Trax. He made it by combining a piece of curved S-Trax with a piece of straight S-Trax, and then fabricating a closed-frog. Mark made this switch (actually 3 of them), working with direction from "the wizard" Chick Viggianno of Chick's Hobby Center in Gibbstown New Jersey.


Mark reports that they successfully ran an engine with scale wheels pulling cars with high-rail wheels through the switches.


This is the switch that some of us S-Trax fans wish that S-Helper would have built, so that we who want to do public displays, instead of fighting over whether the switches are going to be scale or hi-rail, can use one closed-frog switch and run anything.


FYI: The website for Chick's Hobby Center is at http://users.jnlk.com/~chicks/


Please note that Mark and Chick are NOT selling these switches; rather they are making just a few for their own use. But I wanted to show you these photos, and I hope you who are S-Helper fans like myself, will find them of interest.