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Photo Requests

Now and then, someone asks for specific photos of the 5623.  Unless they fit one of the existing pages, they will appear here.

 This view of the retention tank shows the overflow pipe exiting the side of the tank near the top, making a right hand bend and heading downwards, below the tank. This vent serves 2 purposes. Without it, the tank would pressurize and the airboxes would not drain, just like having the airbox drain valves shut. And should the tank fill up, there will be a noticeable trail of oil on the ground. One added benefit is that I can tell if there is any water appearing in the airboxes without removing the airbox inspection covers. The large hose seen on top of the tank is the sump drain.

This is the drain arrangement on the tank. The tank is mounted high enough in the air so I can get a 3 gallon pail under it when drain time comes but I have to keep an eye on the process as the tank holds about 12 gallons. The tank is made of 1/4" plate and is of welded construction.

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