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SP 5623
Serial Numbers

Emd used a very simple serial numbering system for various parts of a locomotive. The first 2 digits indicate the year of manufacture. The letter indicates the month ("A" = January) with "I" not being used and the final digits are the number of that item built in that year. Thus, 55C57 is an item built in March of 1955 and is the 57th one built in 1955.

Locomotive 11978
Frame (order) number 5369-2
Control Stand 55A33
Boiler (Vapor Corp.) 10758
Main generator 77-A3-6005
Auxiliary generator (Delco)  64-G3-3001
Engine block 55A87
Left water tank 54L32
Right water tank 54K18
Left outside air tank 55C57
Left inside air tank 55C19
Right outside air tank 55C48
Right inside air tank 55C58s

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