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Photo And Data Credits

A project of this magnitude cannot help but owe its existance to many contributors. There is no way that Don or Rod could have known that the photos they took back in the 50's and 60's would be shared with the world in the 90's and beyond. At the risk of slighting anyone, I want to list the folks who produced the images and recorded the historical information offered herein. To them I owe my thanks for their documentation and the use of their photographs.. Names are linked to web sites, where existing.
Don Hansen Dan Furtado George Elwood Al Haij Robert Morris
Rod Ciganovich Joe Strapac Ernie Von Ibsch Steve Wilhelm Jim Plunkett
Brian T. Wise Stan Kistler Richard Percy Scott Thomas Jim Gibson
Jim Evans Al Phelps Steve Barry Craig Thomas Charlie Heimerdinger
Don Buchholz John Shaw Ted Benson Mike Pechner Alan Shifley
Aaron Stout Jim Ley G. D. Childs Jr. Fred James Phil Shea
Boyd Rose Harry Marnell Rolland E. Meyers Evan Werkema Jim Bartolotta
Manny Valez Dave Stanley Russ Gaal Kevin Stephens Craig Walker
Karl R. Koenig John Barnhill Dudley Westler Robert Dengler Steve Schmollinger
Drew Jacksich
John Sjolander

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