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The Southern California Traction Club (SCTC) has continuously made commitments to appear at the public events and has appeared over 138 times since it's inception in 1995. The club now has four distinct displays.

The display most presented is the Light Rail Vehicle Display (LRVD) featuring models of post-1980 Light Rail Vehicles and modern Streetcars including Los Angeles Metro P865, P2020 and P3010 vehicles, Boston Type 7 and 8 LRVs, Brookville 'Liberty' low-floor streetcars and San Diego MTS Siemens S70 70% low-floor urban electric transit vehicles all currently made using 3D printing and Bowser power units and and receiving power from an energized Overhead Catenary System (OCS)

The main display for larger halls is the City Streetcar Display (CSD) which consists of a 16 by 16 feet city streetcar line featuring streetcars powered from overhead wire in an downtown city environment along with visible underground subway trains.

A third and smallest display is an N-scale Urban Rail Commuter Transit Display (URCTD), featuring push-pull diesel-operated commuter trains and an urban modern streetcar line. The use of this display is currently on hold due to lack of resources.

The Club has also occasionally displayed the Custom Traxx compact 9 square foot layout (CTXD) on certain occasions.

All four Displays are normally operated using Digital Command Control (DCC) and except in the case of the N-scale display, model of electric railway vehicles are operated using powered overhead wires. The club employs wireless technology and smart phones, normally the Roco Z21 Command Control System, to operate streetcars.

The club occasionally allows young visitors to operate streetcars on a portion of the CSD display using hand held wireless throttles, smart phones or tablets, depending on the DCC Master Control System used at that appearance. We continue to urge the manufacture of models of modern electrically powered rail transit vehicles. Meanwhile, we are taking advantage of 3D printed models using Bowser traction drives.


February 11-12, 2023 Great Train Show - Orange County Fair Grounds, Costa Mesa, CA.

February 18-19, 2023 Great Train Show - Ventura County Fair Grounds. Ventura, CA (possible - LRV Display only.)
March 4-5, 2023 Golden Empire Historical & Modeling Society Show, Bakersfield, CA
(LRV Display only).

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