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Southern California Traction Club Trailers

Club Trailer

This trailer was donated by George and Chiye Hayashi of Orcutt, CA. SCTC members obtained the trailer
in July 1997 and transported it back to Los Angeles where the trailer was completely stripped to the frame
and extensively rebuilt by Don Bird. Within two months the trailer was completely rebuilt and ready to haul
the modules of the club.

Photo by George Huckaby.

The rebuilt trailer is ready for its first run to a show in Paso Robles, California in September 1997.
Since these pictures were taken, the trailer has been repainted with marine quality white paint on
the body and black fenders. In January 2004, the third wheel assembly was replaced and in February 2006,
the entire tongue was replaced after the original tongue broke off during a return from a show.
Fortunately, none of the eleven modules inside at the time were seriously damaged.

Photo by George Huckaby.

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