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Photos taken at displays during 2004!

The year 2004 was a fun year for the club. the year opened with the acquisition of two two members, Fred Gurzeler of West Los Angeles, and Joseph Shink of Saugus, CA. The club appeared at the Model Train Expo in Pomona, CA in February 2004 and at the Las Vegas, Nevada at the HobbyVisions Trade Show in October 2004 and had two "run-days" at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park in San Diego in both August and October 2004.

Pacific Electric "Blimps" 499, 413, 402, 427 and 416 belonging to SCTC members are shown operating on the SDMRM on October 22, 2004!

Philadelphia Kawasaki Light Rail Transit Vehicle, also belonging to an SCTC member, is shown on the SDMRM layout. this car is testing the new Bowser milled aluminum floor that was expected to become available to all modelers by the end of 2004. This car also has the very first Bowser 1999 mechanism given to the club in September 1999 for testing.


Testing the Bowser milled aluminum floors was occuring at the October 7-10, 2004 HobbyVisions Show. Boston Boeing SLRV 3400 and Philadelphia Kawaski LRT 9038 are shown on the yard entry track on the club modules. Also shown are models of San Francisco Municiupal Railway (SFMR) PCC 1060 (Newark), Toronto Class F single truck streetcar 1706, Boston 1951 'Picture Window' PCC 3299, Illinois Terminal Class C electric locomotive, SFMR PCC 1056 (Kansas City) and SFMR PCC 1059 (Boston).

The 16 by 20 foot display at the Model Train Expo on February 28-29 is shown above. Member George Jones in the coveralls is explaining his module to a visitor at the left while another visitor takes a close look at the four-track section. Members of the SCTC currently are: Byron Brainard, Laguna, CA; Pete DeBeers, Pasadena, CA; Dave Garcia, Downey, CA; Fred Gurzeler; George Huckaby, West Los Angeles, CA; George Jones, Culver City, CA; Toshisuke Matsumoto, Tokyo, Japan; Akihisa Saitoh, Kyoto, Japan and Joe Shink.

Photos by George Huckaby.

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