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The 2006 Colorado Wanderings

Let’s start off with the second train trip that I took with the future MRS. Shuttletrain to Glenwood Springs, Colorado in May of 2006.

We left St. Louis, Missouri at 4:35am to be able to be in Chicago, IL by lunch time with my relatives.

Picture 002.jpg


After lunch, we headed to the Sears (now Willis) Tower to take in the views.

Picture 003.jpgPicture 004.jpgPicture 005.jpgPicture 006.jpgPicture 007.jpgPicture 008.jpgPicture 009.jpgPicture 010.jpgPicture 011.jpgPicture 012.jpgPicture 013.jpg


We headed west towards Colorado, stopping in the middle of the night, somewhere in Nebraska for a very large hailstorm.

We arrived in Denver Union Station, with a view of the, (at that time) Metrolink tracks.

IPicture 022.jpg

While we were parked in Denver Union Station, Mrs. Shuttletrain, got a ride to the front of the station for the perfect picture.

Picture 069.jpg

I understand that this view is no longer possible with all the updates done to the Station to make it the Transportation Center.

We leave Denver and find these scenes.

Picture 023.jpgPicture 024.jpgPicture 034.jpgPicture 036.jpgPicture 038.jpgPicture 039.jpgPicture 040.jpgPicture 086.jpgPicture 087.jpgPicture 088.jpgPicture 105.jpgPicture 106.jpgPicture 122.jpgPicture 135.jpg

Once we arrived in Glenwood Springs, we checked into Holiday Inn Express, then started wandering around the area. Those wanderings in Part Two.




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