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KERETAPI: The essential website for Indonesian Railroad fans. A complete guide for anyone who wish to know about Indonesian railroad world. Including a link to the author's famous discussion website.
TRAIN-SIM.COM: The most complete website for MSTS Fans. It has a large collection of locomotives, carrieages, and all other add-ons for Microsoft Train Simulator
TGV WEB: A definitive guide for TGV fans. Including histories, photo galleries, and anything about this fastest train in the world.
RAILPAGE: The gateway for anything about Australian railroad world. Including links to great Australian Railroad websites! Plus one link to Australian Microsoft Train Simulator Website.
BYUN-BYUN SHINKANZEN: An useful guide for Shinkanzen fans who doesn't speak Japanese. There are a lots of beautiful pictures of Shinkanzen. This is a real deal!
RUSSEL's RAILPAGE: A private website of Russel Neil which contain some useful information about building a railway model layout, plus some photos.
TRAIN WEB: The Railroad equivalent of YahooTm browser. It has almost everything you want to know about railroading, although the content are mostly American, but it's a great site to visit.