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 Railways In Waterford:  Then and Now

    Hi!, and thanks for visiting my site. My primary reason for creating this site, was because there really isn't too much info about the railways in Waterford, so I decided to create this site.  As you can probably guess, I am really interested in the History, and present state of of what is left of railways (or their right of way).
    I know that this site is nothing to write home about,  but that is because I am new to web page design. I hope to update this site as often as possible, and improve it as I gain more experience in web page design. Contributions are being desperately sought after, particularly The TH&B, and the LE&N, around Waterford in any era.


             This site was last updated on July 12 2000 
                                           The TH&B page was updated, and a contributors
                                      page was also added. Look for more updates
                                      coming soon!
                                          Bad news folks. The most recent pictures I
                                      took from the wtaerford area for this site did not
                                      turn out. A call to Kodak revealed that it is either
                                      defective film or poor developing. We shall soon
                                      find out. I will definetly make another trip to
                                      Waterford to re-photograph what did not turn out.

CANADA SOUTHERN  Then and now pictures.

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Lake Erie & Northern   Then and now pictures

Miscellaneous   Photos from around the Waterford area.

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