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Long Island Stations - Hewlett

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Long Island Stations & Structures

by Paul S. Luchter

Photo by Paul S. Luchter


Greetings from Hewlett . . . 

This South Side RR depot, built in 1870, has been used for 130 years straight.  This is looking northeastward towards Valley Stream, the modern high platforms are behind us across Franklin Street.  Tickets are still sold inside the depot.  This picture angle, taken in 1994, is now impossible to take, a big ugly metal storage box is next to the depot obscuring it from this angle.

The 1869 South Side RR went from Williamsburg to Patchogue, it also went to the Rockaways.  It was called the Southern Railroad briefly before merging with the Long Island RR.  I believe this is the only South Side depot still used by the Long Island RR.

Augustus Hewlett donated the land for the station.  The Hewletts, as a Long Island family dated back to 1649, an ancestor signed Charles I's death certificate.  Many of the Hewletts had been Tory's in the Revolutionary War era but many remained, one of their farmhouses survives and has been fixed up for a soon to open Woman's Center.


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