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Great Railroad Stations - Cherry Creek, NY

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Great Railroad Stations 

by John C. Dahl

Cherry Creek, NY

[ Written in 1996 ]

The small country depot was once a common sight on the landscape.  Alas, today, few of these wonderful stations exist.  We are fortunate that just a few miles from Buffalo one can still see a well preserved, still used, country station.  When the Erie RR was built to western New York, its original terminus was Dunkirk on the shores of Lake Erie.  The original main line passed through Dayton, NY and here it crossed over the Buffalo & Southwestern.  The B&S continues south from Dayton to Jamestown where it rejoined what had become the Erie's mainline west.  The line was incorporated into the Erie's fold first by lease in 1880, and then by outright purchase in 1895.  Cherry Creek, a small farming community in Cattaraugus County, is 48 miles from milepost zero in Buffalo.

Typical of many wood frame depots built by the Erie, the station will this year celebrate its 100th birthday.  The village of Cherry Creek was named for a cherry tree that grew in the middle of a small stream which runs through the town.  Like many small towns at the turn of the century, Cherry Creek's depot was the center of commerce and local gossip. Farmers would bring in their milk to ship it off to Jamestown. Passengers could make use of the Erie's excellent rail service to Buffalo.  No less than four daily trains, north and south, stopped at this small depot in a 1909 sampling of the timetable. Freight traffic was made up of mainly less than carload freight, farm implements, and agricultural products.

Erie RR, Cherry Creek, NY  May 25, 1996

Today, the Cherry Creek station is occupied by a unique small town gift shop. It features antiques, handmade Amish goods and country crafts.  (Railfans note: timetables and railroad depot books are also for sale!)  The station's exterior is undergoing a painting restoration and looks great.  The present owners are very mindful of this building's heritage.  And, believe it or not, you can still get here by passenger train.  The New York and Lake Erie's popular excursions from Gowanda call at the depot on a regular basis. Happy 100th Birthday, Cherry Creek!


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