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Photos -Conrail Ft. Wayne Line


Conrail Fort Wayne Line

'NS' Tower Demolition Photos

Photo's courtesy of Erik Landrum.

ada1.jpg - Ada, OH- Shot of WB Triple crown passing the depot.

ada2.jpg - Ada, OH- Shot of the depot itself.

dola1.jpg - Dola, OH- Shot of the eastbound approach signal to the Dunkirk, Oh diamond. Notice this signal does not have a red on it. The indications it can give are Approach Restricting and Approach Clear.

dunk1.jpg- Dunkirk, OH- Shot of the tower and eastbound home signal.

For different indications of the signal click below. All indications were digitally modified from the original picture.

dunk1b.jpg - Stop. dunk1c.jpg - Restricting. dunk1d.jpg - Approach. dunk1e.jpg - Clear.

ftway1.jpg - FT Wayne, IN- Conrail. Shot of the Approach signal and Triple Crown facility at the "Piqua Yard" (PRR).

nst4.jpg - Lima, OH-"NS" Tower. Conrail easbound loco passing the tower.

nst6.jpg - Lima, OH-"NS" Tower. Closeup of the tower.

nst5.jpg - Lima, OH-"NS" Tower. Westbound Conrail caboose on the local. What's Special? This was taken in 1998!

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