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Red River Railroading

The Red River Railroad was formed in 1982 as a local club for the Texoma area. The club has built and maintained several layouts through the year. We currently have 2 smaller layouts that we show at the 2 Dallas area train shows, and we occasionally travel to other area shows as well.

Our main goal is to maintain an active club and promote the hobby in our community. We have regular working and operating sessions that are open to anyone with an interest in trains.

Red River Scales

The Red River club has interest in several scales, but HO and N scale are the most popular scale for railroad hobbyists. Both sizes allows for correct operations in confined areas without reducing the size of the models to a point that detail is lost. There is also a greater amount of equipment available for HO scale, but N scale is better for running longer modern trains. smaller.

Just to compare the different scales, here are Santa Fe War Bonnet F units in each scale. Starting on the left, the smallest locomotive is in Z scale (1:220 proportion). Next from the left is N scale (1:160 proportion), then HO scale (1:87 proportion), and S scale (1:64 proportion). The next largest locomotive is O scale (1:48 proportion) and the largest is in G scale (approximately a 1:29 proportion).

Sectional Layouts

Both modular and sectional layouts are design to be broken down for transport. Its about the only way to build a club layout without a large location for a fixed layout. These layouts allow members to build a small portion of a layout, and then connect it to other sections to create the full layout.

The difference in a sectional layout is that the individual sections of the layout are designed to be assembled in a specific pattern. This does limit the flexibility of the layout, but greatly increases the prototypical nature of the layout.


Our club meets biweekly, currently (Jan 2022) the 1st & 3rd Thursday night after 7:00 PM at members houses. The meetings are dedicated to rail work and having a good time together. Anyone is welcome to come to the meetings, and we currently have an open membership policy with no dues. For more information about meetings contact one of the member on the contact page, or through Facebook.

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