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Canada Southern Railway - St. Thomas Ontario - Circa 1952

This scene represents the New York Central System Canada Division in St. Thomas, Ontario circa 1952. Steam is still present in the form of Hudsons, Mohawks and Mikados, but diesels are making strong inroads. Also seen here is the London & Port Stanley Railway. The L&PS passenger trains have little time left, they will be discontinued in 1956. All NYC locos and L&PS equipment has been drawn by myself, but most of the freight and passenger cars are by other talented artists. These include Ron Paludan, Dave Hersrund and Justin Nelson. Links to these artists' pages and many more can be found on my links page.

This scene is a wok in progress and more is being added all the time. I'm planning on also doing some Javascript in the future to actually make trains stop at the station. Any suggestions, please e-mail me with your comments.