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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 2/07/2021
SEPTA Main Line Lansdale Station and Pennsylvania Northeastern Bethlehem Branch Lansdale PA January 5 2021
The CSX Woodbourne to Lansdale transfer run C746 had been arriving in the early morning hours in the dark, but it looks as though things have changed. The usual 6 days a week job has been pared down to 5 with the return run on Friday night/Saturday morning getting the axe. Instead the C746 power stays in Lansdale for the weekend, sometimes returning light to Woodbourne after midnight on Monday and sometimes managing a run back to Lansdale before the crew runs out of hours. For the first run to Lansdale of the new year, they waited until Tuesday to come back with only two units, running long hood forward.
More than a third of the train consisted of Cryo-Trans reefers, which has become the hot commodity coming into town.
They had to pause a moment to lower the derail before continuing north ...
up to Schwab Road where they will shove back onto the leased track.
Usually C746 manages to get three or four SD40-2's, but today they could only muster a pair, ex-CR 6413 now CSX 8822 and ...
ex-SBD and exx-L&N now CSX 8019.
After cutting away from the train, they return light back to the yard. Railroad employees usually don't like to be photographed while on duty (not sure how they are about off duty), so the lens flare from the headlight does a nice job of obscuring the conductor.
They will pull onto the industrial track in the yard and park it until that night, where the process will begin again.
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