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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 10/18/2020
Pennsylvania Northeastern Lansdale Yard and Bethlehem Branch Lansdale and Hatfield PA October 5 and 6 2020
It's Monday morning and nothing new to see here, just the usual PN W230 power on the runner and the CSX C746 power on the industrial, neither of which will turn a wheel until that evening, but wait, what is that buried in the yard? Looks like Tiger Lady SD40-2W PN 5342 has a mate.
The only thing to do was to wait for that night's W230, which thankfully went up to Hatfield Warehouse to work, and it had SD40-2W PN 5315 leading on the way back to Lansdale.
Working with the new kid was old reliable(?) C39-8 PN 8212. Once again, with the arrival of a new engine in Lansdale, rumors about what the future holds for Ol' Blue swirl. Remember when the SD60 Twins arrived?
Trailing was the original Tiger Lady, SD40-2W PN 5342, who first appeared in orange and black in Lansdale for Founders Day 2012.
The next day provided a much better opportunity to get a shot of the engine. The primary difference in paint schemes between PN 5315 and 5342 are the lack of stripes on the body of 5315 and its black trucks and fuel tank as opposed to the silver paint on 5342's.
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