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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 9/20/2020
Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad Lansdale Yard and Norfolk Southern Abrams Yard July 10 and 15 2020
Conrail may be gone as a Class 1 railroad, but over twenty one years after the split, its equipment survives, just in different colors (mostly). In Lansdale Yard, SD40-2 CSX 8853 waits to complete its round trip on CSX C746 Woodbourne-Lansdale transfer run. Next to it is SD60 PN 8711, wearing PN's name with modified CSX paint. 8853 was CR 6494, 8711 was CR 6842.
One of the few ex-CR units still in Conrail colors and a local star is C39-8 PN 8212, ex CR 6021.
Before the split, Conrail would service Lansdale out of Abrams Yard, which is now Norfolk Southern's. There you will find more remnants of Big Blue, like GP38-2 NS 5658, who started out in black as GP38 PC 7903 before becoming blue CR 7903 and then NS 2946 before its rebuild.
Resting in the yard was GP38-2 NS 5664, another PC GP38 turned CR unit, both while sporting unit number 7736, later renumbered NS 2913.
Real Conrail equipment wearing real Conrail numbers (if not paint) is harder to find, but you can usually find N21 caboose CR 21201, the reporting marks and number it was born with in 1978, either here or on local H83/H84 that services Coatesville via NS Harrisburg Line, SEPTA Norristown Line, NS Morrisville Connecting Track, NS Morrisville Line, NS Dale Secondary and Amtrak Keystone Corridor. Whew, that is a busy train.
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