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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 4/05/2020
Amtrak Northeast Corridor Penn Coach Yard 30th Street Station Philadelphia PA March 22 2020

The end of the Acela 21/30th Street/Penn Coach Yard trilogy, a collection of the other equipment in and around the area.

First up a couple of panoramas, click on the photo to get the full view

High Line to River

From Acela 21 on the left to Acela on the right

And now for a selection of detail shots

The Race Street engine servicing facility with GP38-3 AMTK 526, GP38-3 AMTK 724 and ACS-64 AMTK 630

AMTK 15531 loaded tie train flat car

AMTK 15532 empty tie train flat car with a collection of Herzog ballast cars in the background
AMTK 15611 ??? with Acela 21 in the background
Amtrak Catenary Measurement car AMTK 10005 (former Metroliner coach PRR/PC/AMTK 884 rebuilt as coach AMTK 44553)
A quartet of private varnish: Boston and Maine "Salisbury Beach" PPCX 800257, "Lamberts Point" NSRX 800702, Pennsylvania "Colonial Crafts" SUEX 7149, Pennsylvania "Catalpa Falls" RPCX 8404
Amtrak Exhibit Train Amfleet AMTK 85999, baggage cars converted to display cars AMTK 10095, AMTK 10094 and AMTK 10093
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