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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 03/24/2019
SEPTA Warminster, Main and Doylestown Lines Fulmor, Hatboro, North Wales and Lansdale PA March 18, 19 and 21 2019
For decades, the SEPTA standard operating procedure for their push-pull trains was a run during the morning rush hour and another during the evening rush hour, and that was it. In between, the trains were parked in a number of places including Roberts Yard, Wayne Electric, Jenkintown, Overbrook and Frazer. Except for the occassional training runs (like Lansdale and West Trenton Lines) and positioning moves, the only time they were used for multiple runs was during summer of 2016 when the Silverliner V's were sidelined. The AEM-7's and the ALP-44 may have had a life of leisure but SEPTA has a different plan for the ACS-64's. They have been running them on midday test and training runs for several months now in anticipation of this: full day service. The first day started with ACS-64 SPAX 907 along with coaches 2558, 2523, 2510 and cab car 2401 deadheading from Frazer to Villanova where the bomber set started its revenue service as 9506 to Temple, then 9331 Temple to Elwyn, 3234 Elwyn to Norristown, 2333 Norristown to Elwyn, 3420 Elwyn to Warminster, 4571 Warminster to Thorndale, 592 Thorndale to Doylestown and finally 591 Doylestown to Malvern, deadheading to Frazer. At least that was the plan. Here on the first day is Train 3420 at the site of the former Fulmor Station, running about 20 minutes late.
The set turned at Warminster as Train 4571 with plans to run to Thorndale, but the engine developed problems and was swapped out with Silverliners at 30th Street Station, so they did not make it to Doylestown the first night.
ACS-64 SPAX 915 replaced 907 the second day and was able to complete the entire run, here at CP Land in Lansdale.
Returning as 591 at Clare Crossing in Lansdale.

Day Three started with the push pull set being replaced by Silverliners for the entire run, this time due to lack of qualified personnel.

Day Four saw the push pull set back and rolling through North Wales in the rain...

and heading back through Lansdale, once again in the rain.

Day Five had the push pull set running on time to Warminster but the crew for 4571 was not totally qualified. It instead went out as Train 6455, and did not make it up to Doylestown.

So for those keeping score, 2 full runs, 2 partial runs and 1 complete substitution. Unlike baseball, numbers like that will not get you into the Hall of Fame. Better luck next week.

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