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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 09/23/2018
Amtrak Northeast Corridor Cornwells Heights Station Bensalem PA September 12 2018

Being primarily a north-south route geographically (east-west by railroad definition, and when I say "railroad", I do of course mean the Standard Railroad of the World, the mighty Pennsylvania Railroad), the sun is usually best for photography purposes on the east side in the morning and the west side in the evening. Implied in that is the midday sun being a bit of a bear, so the best time for lunch is a cloudy day. Many photographers do not like an overcast sky, but I just consider it God's light diffuser. It also allows me to pick my side, and this day I decided to go with west.

First up was SEPTA 733 with Silverliner IV 458 leading and "white whale" Silverliner IV 442 fourth in the consist.

Next was Amtrak Northeast Regional 125 with ACS-64 AMTK 658 leading.
Eastbound Acela Express 2110 running on Track 4 due to Track 3 being out of service on account of the TLM.
Shortly after came westbound Acela Express 2117.
Five minutes behind 2117 was Amtrak Keystone 645 with ACS-64 AMTK 623 leading ...
and cab car AMTK 9640 trailing.
The final train of the lunch hour was SEPTA 738 with Silverliner IV 403 leading.
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