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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 09/02/2018
SEPTA Lansdale Station and Pennsylvania Northeastern Bethlehem Branch Lansdale and Souderton PA August 25 2018
To celebrate Lansdale's annual Founder's Day, Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad ran 4 excursions from Lansdale to Souderton and back. The consist was SD40-2W PN 5342, New Hope and Ivyland Railroad coaches NHIR 1220, 1424 "Joseph R. Turner", 1127, 1430 "Donald L. Hammond", dining car 800301 "Crater Lake" (still in its American Railway Explorer colors) and GP9u NHIR 8218, here loading passengers for the first run at 11:00.
Heading north out of the yard.
Arriving at Souderton for the first run, they stopped short of the crossing and quickly started the return trip.
Compared to the photo above, you can see why the inside of the curve shot is so much more appealing than the outside of the curve.
When looking up the last time NHIR 8218 was in the neighborhood, some bad memories from two years ago came back.

I know one person who would have loved to be out there videotaping every run was my friend Bob Weiler. I met Bob almost 20 years ago and we have run into each other on a regular basis ever since. Bob was one of the last of the VHS camera guys, always propping that monster camera of his on his shoulder to catch whatever was passing by. Sometimes he even pointed it at us railfans. I particularly remember him having a laugh recording an epic struggle between myself and a young tree that was in a bad spot photography-wise while we were waiting for the circus train at Lewis Street. Years ago when I was contacted by a writer from Time Magazine who was interested in talking to some railfans, Bob was one of the first people I thought of, and he and I spent 5 hours talking her ears off at Woodbourne, again waiting for the circus train that this time did not come. If you google "Railfan Bob Weiler", his quote from the resulting article is one of the first results.

Bob passed away on July 12 2018 after a six year battle with cancer.

Simply said, we will miss him and we will remember him.

Returning from his memorial service on August 31 2018, I stopped by Ivyland to see what was there because it is what I do, and what Bob would have done. These pictures are for you, Bob, although you probably would have hated it because nothing was moving.
Pennsylvania Northeastern GP9RM 7010
NHIR SD40-2 5577
To fill out the roster, one last shot for Bob, C39-8 PN 8212 on the Industrial Track in Lansdale on September 1 2018.
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