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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 08/26/2018
CSX Trenton Line CP Berry Philadelphia PA June 21 2018
With three SEPTA Sprinters in revenue service, SEPTA's AEM-7's and its ALP-44 are on borrowed time, so the mission is to lens them before they are gone. The West Trenton Line has two of the push pull sets, but only one of them still has the old engines, at least as of August 13 2918 when SEPTA's first AEM-7, SPAX 2301, here on Train 6321, could be seen stopping at Neshaminy Falls.
And with construction on the Southwest Connection for one more week, SEPTA has diverted a push-pull set to the Trenton Line, running AEM-7 SPAX 2301 could be seen two days later on Train 9745, here at Cornwells Heights.
And here it is again on August 17 2018, the last day on the Trenton run as the construction would be completed by the weekend.
On the same morning, you could find on the West Trenton Line ALP-44 SPAX 2308.
Come August 20 2018, the West Trenton Line was the only game on the north side of town, and ALP-44 SPAX 2308 was running out its last miles.
The next day, SPAX 2304 was pulling the duty.
August 22 2018 goes down as the last day of the AEM-7's on the West Trenton Line as later that evening SPAX 2304, running here on Train 6321 at Langhorne, was replaced by ACS-64 SPAX 904. With 901 and 903 holding down the Paoli runs and 902 and 904 on the West Trenton runs, the only remaining run with the old engines would be the lone trip to Wilmington. Goodbye, old friends.
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