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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 07/08/2018
CSX Trenton Line CP Berry Philadelphia PA June 21 2018
Under the Reading Company the route from Philadelphia to North Jersey was at minimum a double track railroad with segments that rivaled the Pennsylvania's Broad Way four track boulevard. Under Conrail it was paired down to a single track for the most part with a passing siding between CP Berry and CP Nesh and shared access with SEPTA between CP Nesh (later CP Wood) and CP Wing in West Trenton. Then a few years ago CSX separated its freight track from SEPTA and so for the thirty miles between CP Summit in West Trenton and CP Nice in Philadelphia there is but the one passing siding at their disposal. New sidings have been added on the northern end east of CP Wing but Berry-Nesh still sees a fair amount of meets, and here are a couple on June 21 2018. First up was the local C770. The local used to venture no farther west than Nabisco/Degussa, a couple miles from this spot, but as the customer base dwindled, more responsibilities have been added to their job keep them busy. One of those added chores is a twice weekly run from Woodbourne to South Philadelphia loaded and returning light. This is the loaded run with GP40-2 CSX 6222 crawling up to CP Berry with 6236 and 6240 helping pull the 63 cars.
Coming the other way and taking the siding was CSX K139 with 110 empty tank cars with CW44AC CSX 450 in Bright Future paint scheme on point and ET44AH CSX 3290 trailing.
Later in the afternoon, it was CSX Q032's turn to take the siding. Once the hot train on the railroad, it is now only lukewarm as the addition of the Tropicana cars seems to have pushed its late morning run to mid-to-late afternoon, which probably has the folks at UPS thrilled. ES44AC-H CSX 3222 leads two of its older GE brethren, AC44-CW CSX 315 and 332.
Q032 had to wait for CSX K140, the loaded complement to K139, to clear the interlocking at Nesh before continuing its run east. K140, with a pair of ES40DC's CSX 5288 and CSX 5209, in turn would wait at Berry for a half hour to let the three light engines of C770 pass. Holding a loaded oil train for a light engine move? Go figure.
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