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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 05/21/2017

CSX Trenton Line CP Berry

Philadelphia PA

May 1 and 2 2017


A follow up to last week's page.

For the most part over the years, the Tropicana orange juice train has been known its own cars wearing their TPIX reporting marks and various paint schemes. In addition to those cars, other cars have been deputized for OJT service. Cryotrans, Fruit Growers Express and CSXT cars have appeared over the 47 year history, but only the white CSXT cars actually wore the Tropicana name. CSXT 198990 is one.

Most of the CSXT cars have the "orange with a straw in it" logo on a separate panel attached to the side next to the Tropicana name, but some like CSXT 198892 do not have the panel and instead have it painted on the side of the car ...
and some like CSXT 198930 once had the panel but now it is gone.
They are mechanical refrigeration cars with one end open containing the equipment. CSXT 199045.
Some like CSXT 198963 are desperately in need of a new coat of paint.
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