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Philly Railfan Model Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Model Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Model Pictures of the Week - 2/22/2021
PRR 40' X26, X29, X31, X37, X43 and X48 box cars from Roundhouse, Athearn/BevBel, Walthers, Third Rail Graphics, Accurail, and McKean
Accurail #4402 Pennsylvania 40' outside brace wood box car with steel door PRR 564287 Class X26
Walthers #932-2051A 40' steel box car PRR 53234 Class X29
Athearn/Bev-Bel #1734-2 Pennsylvania Merchandise Service 40' box car PRR 92486 Class X29
Third Rail Graphics #116 Merchandise Service 40ft boxcar Pennsylvania PRR 50901 Class X29B
Roundhouse #1042 40' box car Pennsylvania PRR 23996 Class X29D "Don't Stand Me Still!"
Athearn/Bev-Bel #1196 Pennsylvania "Railway Express Agency" 40' Express boxcar PRR 2249 Class X31
McKean #309 40' Dbl Dr Boxcar "Automobiles" PRR 64587 Class X37
Athearn/Third Rail Graphics #1158 PRR "S" BoxCar 499669 Class X37
Accurail #3009 Pennsylvania 40' Dbl Dr Stl Box PRR 65387 Class X37B
Accurail #3204 Pennsylvania 40' AAR Steel Boxcar PRR 602038 Class X43A
Walthers #932-3717 40' PS-1 Boxcar Pennsylvania PRR 47015 Class X48
Athearn/Bev-Bel #1014-3 Pennsylvania GAEX/DF 40' Boxcar GAEX 10483 Class XME "Leased to PRR"
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