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Although the Roundhouse was lost in 1999 we have moved on and are doing well, and our membership is strong. We have been exploring several avenues to acquire a permanent home, and one day be able to operate excursions using our own equipment. We have recently acquired the former Western Maryland #132 Baldwin VO 1000 Diesel switcher from the North Carolina Transportation Museum at Spencer. The locomotive will be on display by the museum building hopefully by the end of May wearing her original fireball scheme. We have also acquired an outside train ride for children which will debut at our Heritage Days Celebration June 9th & 10th 2001.

I have kept the pictures on the right side of the page as a reminder of the good times and the bad, and as a reminder of why this organization was created 12 years ago. We will persevere like the Phoenix to rise again out of the ashes and be born anew.

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Steam era
1940's [enlarge]

Diesel era
1970's [enlarge]
Photo by John Van Scoyk

Aerial view
1980's [enlarge]

Roundhouse demolished
1999 [enlarge]
Photo by Joe Crocetta


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