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Yuma Valley Railway

Yuma Valley Railway - YVRY

Yuma - San Luis, AZ (23.9 miles)
Yuma, AZ
Junctions with other railroads:
UP: Yuma, AZ
Radio frequencies:
Line built by Bureau of Reclamation in 1914 as Yuma Valley Railroad.
Leased to Southern Pacific 1947.
SP ends service beyond Gadsden in 1952.
Bureau of Reclamation along with Yuma Valley Steamers re-acquires line as Yuma Valley Railway.
Service ends 2005.
Bureau of Reclamation
Unit Bldr. Model B/N F/N B/D History Acq. Ret. Notes
1 Whitcomb 30DM-37 40122 8/1941 ex YVRR 41; ex SWFP 41; ex PC & F; ex Alcoa 1; nee CNW 201 scrapped 2013?
2 Davenport DE44 3383 6/1953 ex Tank Car Co of America; nee US Army 1235 scrapped 2013?
3 GE 44Ton 15769 3/1943 ex USMC 152408, El Toro MCAS; ex USAF 7310, Hill AFB; ex USMC Depot,Yermo; nee USN Depot, Barstow 2005 to VT/YVRY 3, 2013; to VT D-3

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