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Union Railroad of Oregon

Union Railroad of Oregon - UO

Union - Union Jct, OR (2.1 miles)
Union, OR
Junctions with other railroads:
UP: Union Jct, OR
Radio frequencies:
Company set up in 1927 to purchase a portion (Union to Union Jct) of abandoned Central Railroad of Oregon.
Line purchased by Union Rail Enterprises in 1987.
Railroad suspended operations in c.1989.
Railroad received ICC approval to abandon on August 31, 1995.
Rails and UP connection still in place (although quite overgrown) as of August 2004.
Union Rail Enterprises, Inc.
Unit Bldr. Model B/D B/N F/N History Acq. Ret. Notes
1 Plymouth 25ton HLC2 6/1928 2922 ex General Construction Co. 3; ex US Bureau of Reclimation (Owyhee Dam, OR); nee Guy F. Atkinson (Wallace, CA) 1940 1989 to Eldon C. Stutsman Trucking Co/UO 1 (Hills, IA), 1992
2 Plymouth 35ton ML8 4/1936 3836 ex NEZP 11:2; nee Ohio & Morenci 61 1979 1989 to RFRX no# (Lebanon, OR), 1993

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