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Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad

Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad - TSWR

White Swan (Simcoe) Branch: Wesely Jct - White Swan, WA (18.9 miles)
Royal Subdivision: Othello - Royal City, WA (24.0 miles)
Toppenish, WA
Junctions with other railroads:
BNSF: Wesley Jct, WA
CBRW: Othello, WA
Radio frequencies:
White Swan (Simcoe) Branch:
Line built in 1912 by Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad.
Absorbed by North Yakima & Valley (NP) in 1914.
BN sold the line to Washington Central in October 1986.
Washington Central discontinued service in 1993, and TSWR began service July 16, 1993.
TSWR operated by the Yakima Valley Rail and Steam Museum.
Effective December 21, 2005, freight operations on the White Swan Branch have been taken over by the Columbia Basin Railroad (CBRW).
Operations taken over by Frontier Rail's Yakima Central Railroad (YCR)
Royal Subdivision:
Former MILW line.
Operations by TSWR began in September 1994.
Rail service abandoned in April 1998.
Operations resumed under Frontier Rail's Washington Royal Line (WRL)
Line owned by State of Washington.
Unit Bldr. Model B/N F/N B/D History Acq. Ret. Notes
12 GE 65-ton 15268 1942 ex Puget Sound Naval Shipyard 12; ex USA 7017,Hill AFB (Ogden,UT); nee USA 7107,Ft Wingate Ordnance Depot (McCune,NM) 1994 b2005 to NPRM/NP 12 (Toppenish,WA)
302 EMD GP9 22719 5504-12 2/1957 ex BNSF 302, 1996; ex SOWDT/WCRC 302; ex WCRC 302, b1996; ex TMBL 1203:1, 1986; ex BN 1754; nee NP 316 2000 2005 to CBRW 302
WRIX 1761 EMD GP9 19110 5320-20 1/1954 ex WRIX 1761; ex SJVR 1761; ex SJVR 101; ex SDAE 101; nee UP 224 1993 199x to WRIX 1761; to LCR 1761; to WRIX 1761; to NPR 1761, 2011
B-2070 Alco/GE MRS1 80386/ 31625 1953 ex US Army B-2070 1993 199x to Sunfresh (Royal City, WA), 199x

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