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Tacoma Eastern Railway

Tacoma Eastern Railway - TE

Tacoma Jct - Frederickson - Graham - Park Jct - Morton, WA (66.3 miles)
Frederickson - Western Jct - Chehalis, WA (54.5 miles)
Park Jct - National, WA (3.5 miles)
Tacoma, WA
Junctions with other railroads:
BNSF: Centralia and Chehalis, WA
UP: Tacoma Jct and Centralia, WA
WTCX: Skookumchuck and Western Jct, WA
Radio frequencies:
160.245, 160.635
Line built by Tacoma Eastern Railroad Co.
Came under control of Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul by 1918.
Sold by Milwaukee Road to Weyerhaueser Co. in 1980.
Operated by Weyerhaeuser as Chehalis Western Railroad from 1980 to 1992.
Graham to Mount Rainier portion of the line donated to City of Tacoma in 1990.
Remainder of trackage (Tacoma to Chehalis) sold to City of Tacoma in 1995.
TE contract operations of the line started on February 1, 1995.
TE's contract terminated by City of Tacoma.
TE ceased operations on November 15, 1998.
Operations assumed by Tacoma Rail (TMBL) on November 16, 1998.
Unit Bldr. Model B/N F/N B/D History Acq. Ret. Notes
301 GE 45ton 15246 4/1942 ex MRSR; ex General Services Admin 2:2 (Bell,CA); ex USA 7047 Casad Ordnance Depot (New Haven,IN); nee USA 7047 Raritan Arsenal (Metuchen,NJ) to LeMay Family Collection/TE 301 (Spanaway,WA)
439 EMD SD9E 20214 5365-50 5/1955 ex (D)Chrome Crankshaft; ex SP 4439; ex SP 3914; nee SP 5436 1995 1998 to LMLX; to YW/LMLX 439; to WRIX 439; to CBRW/WRIX 439

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