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Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railroad

Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay RR - SCMB

Watsonville Jct - Santa Cruz - Davenport, CA (32 miles)
Junctions with other railroads:
UP: Watsonville Jct, CA
SCBG: Santa Cruz, CA
Radio frequencies:
Construction was started on the Santa Cruz Railroad in 1873 and completed in 1876 as a narrow gauge line.
The Santa Cruz was acquired by the Southern Pacific in 1881 and shortly after was converted to standard gauge.
SP ultimately acquired other lines into Santa Cruz but before the SP was merged into the Union Pacific in 1996, only the 32 miles between Watsonville Junction, Santa Cruz and Davenport remained.
The line was eventually purchased by the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission. In 2012 Iowa Pacific was selected to operate the line and service commenced in November, 2012.
Unit Bldr. Model B/N F/N B/D History Acq. Ret. Notes
MH 89 EMD GP9 25301 7575-27 1959 ex MH 89; ex MNVA 306; nee MILW 306 2017 to SLRG/MH 89; to SLRG/SDCX 89; to LCSR 89, 2021
1101 EMD F9PHA 15910 3122-A6 1/1952 ex WCRC 82; ex MARC 82; ex MARC 7182; ex MK 5; ex BO 4582; nee BO F7A 939 2017 for sale
1102 EMD F9PHA 5734 E940-A13 1/1949 ex WCRC 84; ex MARC 84; ex MARC 7184; ex MK; ex BO 4472; nee BO F3A 165 2017 for sale

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