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Grand Forks Railway

Grand Forks Railway - GFR

Grand Forks, BC (3.7 miles)
Grand Forks, BC
Junctions with other railroads:
BNSF: Grand Forks, BC
Radio frequencies:
Took over a portion of CP's Boundary Sub (1.5 miles) and Carson Spur (2.2 miles) in 1993.
Pope & Talbot Inc., Regional District of Grand Forks, and Grand Forks Railway Inc.
Unit Bldr. Model B/N F/N B/D History Acq. Ret. Notes
GMTX 86 EMD SW1000 4610-4 4610-4 1/1972 ex Aux Sable/GMTX 86; ex GMTX 86; ex BNSF 3603; nee BN 378 2019
6703 GMD SW8 A113 11/1950 ex CP 6703 1993 2019 to E & N Div CRHA, 2022

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