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Burlington Northern Santa Fe (Manitoba)

Burlington Northern Santa Fe (Manitoba) - BNML

Winnipeg - Emerson, MB (66 miles) (via trackage rights over CN)
Winnipeg, MB
Junctions with other railroads:
BNSF: Emerson, MB
Radio frequencies:
Midland Railway of Manitoba incorporated in 1903 and built various lines around Winnipeg.
Operations of the company acquired by Manitoba Great Northern on July 1, 1909.
Lines sold to City of Winnipeg and thence to CN.
Name changed to Burlington Northern Manitoba Limited in 1971.
Name changed to Burlington Northern Santa Fe (Manitoba) in 1999.
Power now provided by BNSF
Unit Bldr. Model B/N F/N B/D History Acq. Ret. Notes
1 GMD SW900 A846 1956 acquired new 1956 1961 to BCH 931, 1961; to MacMillan Bloedel 697, 1987; to Pacifica Papers 697, 1998; to NorskeCanada 697, 2001
2 GMD GP9 A1091 1957 acquired new 1957 1999 to BNSF 1685, 1999; to PDC/BNSF 1685, 2010

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